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Homeowner Says He's Being Sued by HOA for $200K plus $50K in Attorneys' Fees

San Antonio HOA Lawyer Trey Wilson wrote:


David Moore,  who lives in NW San Antonio, is being sued by his HOA for $200,000 plus attorneys fees for what he calls "ridiculous" violations.  He said this is the 1st time he's had any issues with the Huntington Place HOA since moving into the community almost 18 years ago.  He stated that this began about 2 years ago when the HOA began enforcing the HOA rules, but to an unreasonable extreme.

Mr. Moore has reportedly been cited for not cutting his grass frequently enough, for having a small pet door built in to his garage (which has been there for 17 years), and other violations.  The HOA claims the small cat door diminishes property values.

Mr. Moore placed a sign in his yard advising passers by and neighbors so that everyone will know what the HOA is doing and of the "ridiculous" penalties being imposed.   KENS 5 reporters reached out to neighbors about the sign and they responded that they're happy with it.  They state that they're proud of Mr. Moore for placing the sign and for fighting back.  They stated that they agree that the HOA has gone too far.