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Attorney Trey Wilson handles lawsuits and pre-litigation disputes involving enforcement of restrictive covenants/deed restrictions, Homeowner Association member voting/ballot/proxy issues, HOA Board elections, collection of assessments/dues, placement and removal of liens, CCR/Declaration disputes, developer HOA control/turnover, ACC approval, HOA Board governance, Abuses by Homeowners Associations and drafting/amendment of HOA documents including By-laws.


2012 CAI Conference & Expo to Take Place in Austin

San Antonio HOA Lawyer Trey Wilson wrote:

The Austin Community Association Institute (CAI) will hold its 2012 Conference & Expo on Friday, September 21st, at the University of Texas Alumni Center.

Slated as "an afternoon learning best practices," the conference promises to shed light on "what others have discovered is working to help neighbors govern neighbors responsibly and effectively." Industry leaders will speak on a range of topics from ‘The 7 Deadly Sins of HOAs’ to ‘Cyber Theft – Who Has the Keys to Your Account?’ to Board Member Survival & Best Practices.
 For a complete conference overview, CLICK HERE.