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Texas Supreme Court Posts New Rules Regarding Foreclosure of HOA Liens

San Antonio HOA Lawyer Trey Wilson wrote:

Today, the Texas Supreme Court posted the final version of its revisions to Texas Rules of Civil Procedure 735 and 736, governing the foreclosure of certain liens, including HOA assessment liens. The Court's full Order is posted here.

The Texas Legislature directed the Supreme Court to enact new rules relating to judicial foreclosures, when it adopted HB 1228 (82nd Leg., R.S.). That Legislation was one of numerous HOA reform bills adopted last session by Texas lawmakers.

The original analysis of the bill provided the following summary of its purpose.
Currently, a property owners' association may foreclose on real property for the property owner's failure to pay association assessments. In many instances, the foreclosed property is encumbered with a first lien that is not disposed of when the foreclosure sale occurs because there is no requirement to notify the lienholder of the foreclosure or the sale. H.B. 1228 sets out provisions relating to notice and providing the lienholder with an opportunity to cure a delinquency before a foreclosure sale.

Stay tuned to this blog for a future post summarizing the new rules and their practical effect.

Notably, the new Rules apply to foreclosures commenced on or after January 1, 2012.