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Attorney Trey Wilson handles lawsuits and pre-litigation disputes involving enforcement of restrictive covenants/deed restrictions, Homeowner Association member voting/ballot/proxy issues, HOA Board elections, collection of assessments/dues, placement and removal of liens, CCR/Declaration disputes, developer HOA control/turnover, ACC approval, HOA Board governance, Abuses by Homeowners Associations and drafting/amendment of HOA documents including By-laws.


Trey Wilson Completes Arbitration Against Regency Park HOA

Our firm recently completed an evidentiary arbitration proceeding wherein we defended residents of San Antonio's Regency Park subdivision against claims made by that community's Homeowners Association. The dispute began in 2006 when our clients first request permission from the RPHOA's Architectural Committee to construct a swimming pool. The RPHOA and its ACC failed to respond for several months, but later engaged in a course of majing absurd demands of our clients.

By October 2007, the HOA still had not made a final decision, despite our clients submitting multiple applications, hiring a landscape designer and a professional enginerr-- all at the HOA's request. When the HOA failed to respond to our clients' final submission, they obtained "presumed approval" according to the terms of the applicable restrictions. Thereafter, our clients commenced construction of their pool. The HOA then filed suit and obtained a TRO preventing further construction.

Shortly after the TRO was issued, the HOA approved the swimming pool design, and construction was completed. The Association, however, sought to collect its attorneys fees associated with the TRO. The homeowners hired RLWPC on the eve opf trial over the attorneys' fees issues, and successfully had the lawsuit abataed and referred to arbitration as provided in the restrictive covenants.

A lengthy arbitration session was conducted by the Honorable Juan Gallardo -- a former district judge. Judge Gallardo's arbitration award is expected in the very near future.