Representing Texas Homeowners Associations & those aggrieved by them

Attorney Trey Wilson handles lawsuits and pre-litigation disputes involving enforcement of restrictive covenants/deed restrictions, Homeowner Association member voting/ballot/proxy issues, HOA Board elections, collection of assessments/dues, placement and removal of liens, CCR/Declaration disputes, developer HOA control/turnover, ACC approval, HOA Board governance, Abuses by Homeowners Associations and drafting/amendment of HOA documents including By-laws.


Origins of the HOA's right of Foreclosure...Understanding Inwood vs. Harris

Nonprofit homeowners' association brought action against homeowners who were delinquent in their payment of assessments. The 152nd District Court, Harris County, Jack O'Neill, J., awarded association judgment but denied foreclosure. The association appealed. The Houston Court of Appeals, Dunn, J., 707 S.W.2d 125, affirmed. Association petitioned for review. The Supreme Court, Robertson, J., held that homestead law did not protect homeowners against foreclosure for failure to pay assessments.